Victoria + Daniel

I was at a neighborhood cafe on a Sunday afternoon when I got a really exciting call all the way from Tokyo! My friend Jess’s daughter Victoria, was getting married in a couple of weeks and they had yet to book a photographer. Since Jess’s sister in law is one of my longest running friends (we go back to kindergarten!) and I covered her wedding 5 years ago, he reached out to see if I was available. Luckily, my schedule was clear and within a few days Victoria and I met at her venue. We surveyed the area together as she shared her plans and vision for her wedding day. I quickly learned that family was super important to her. She also designed some special details such as Daniel’s comic book inspired boutonniere. Their day went off without a hitch other than their own to each other! Lots of love, laughs and good memories were made and we were fortunate enough to be there to capture them.

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Congrats again Victoria + Daniel!

Special thanks to Lisa for as usual, being my tag team mate!

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