The Magic Hour

Last Saturday afternoon my very good looking friends Robert and Annie joined me on a hike at Elysian Park. We were hoping to catch the golden hour, or magic hour, as it is known in the photog community. Unfortunately for us the day was overcast! Yeah man, overcast in L.A. :(  However, that didn’t stop us from making magic. Robert and Annie brought their A-game to the woodsy trails and we captured some sweet, sweet moments. :)  On to the images..

035.Annie_Robert.web 002.Annie_Robert.web 003.Annie_Robert.web 004.Annie_Robert.web 034.Annie_Robert.web 007.Annie_Robert.web 011.Annie_Robert.web 012.Annie_Robert.web 008.Annie_Robert.web016.Annie_Robert.web018.Annie_Robert.web015.Annie_Robert.web014.Annie_Robert.web020.Annie_Robert.web038.Annie_Robert.web031.Annie_Robert.web022.Annie_Robert.web029.Annie_Robert.web037.Annie_Robert.web036.Annie_Robert.web028.Annie_Robert.web021.Annie_Robert.web

Annie’s t-shirt is by non other than our friends over at Hips and Hair!




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