Raquel + AP: Engagement

Some things in life are meant to go together. Peanut butter and jelly, milk and cookies, popcorn and butter. Why the food reference? Because getting to know Raquel and AP has been a real treat. And they are meant for each other!

For this engagement shoot, I followed Raquel and AP on a stroll in their cute Long Beach neighborhood. How I love the beautiful candy colored images we created!

050.RAQUEL_AP 011.RAQUEL_AP047.1.RAQUEL_AP014.RAQUEL_AP.1114.RAQUEL_AP068.RAQUEL_AP065.RAQUEL_AP 079.RAQUEL_AP0054.RAQUEL_AP077.RAQUEL_AP00055.RAQUEL_AP112.RAQUEL_AP 105.RAQUEL_AP 081.RAQUEL_AP074.RAQUEL_AP091.RAQUEL_AP078.RAQUEL_AP 086.RAQUEL_API had an awesome time with Raquel and AP and look forward to their wedding this fall! To read about their engagement and the lovely wedding bling AP got Raquel, check out this post on Trumpet and Horn‘s website!

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