Holographic Tea Party


Stepping out of my comfort zone is like asking me to take a dive into an ice cold swimming pool. I am timid by nature, although some people find it hard to believe. Mostly because I mask it by talking a lot and asking questions. (maybe if I keep talking they won’t notice I’m dying inside)

When it comes to photography however, I relish the opportunity to try new things. When Theresa Baxter of All(Most) Us Gallery invited me to participate in a photographic collaboration with her creative crew of artists pals, I jumped at the chance. The theme was up for interpretation but our prompt was Holographic Tea Party. I tried getting an actual tea party going with vintage tea cups and all, but I struggle with props the way a puppy struggles with brand new puppy shoes. Instead I grabbed my rarely used 100 mm lens from the camera bag and decided to put it to good use making holograms with light, colored paper, mirrors, and more light.

Here are the results.

Please view while drinking a lavender mint tea.

This is a tea party after all.


I love double exposures.

HTP_628_ADAVIS_0023 HTP.3 HTP_628_ADAVIS_0026 HTP_628_ADAVIS_0016 HTP_628_ADAVIS_0011 HTP_628_ADAVIS_0027

Iris is wearing an original headband by Allison Jayne Rios.

HTP_628_ADAVIS_0043 HTP_2

This is the only real hologram I produced while photographing Tikku. No photoshop was used! Don’t ask me how I did it. I think the force was with us somehow.

HTP_628_ADAVIS_0030 HTP_628_ADAVIS_0028 HTP_628_ADAVIS_0033 HTP_628_ADAVIS_0020 HTP_628_ADAVIS_0048

Lamar thought my necklace was cool so we put it on him.


Look at Rachel attracting all dis light.

HTP_628_ADAVIS_0021 HTP_628_ADAVIS_0047

I want to do this again and again and again and again…


Theresa Baxter

Allison Jayne Rios

Josh Cooper

Rachel LeGault

Sienna Baxter

Iris Ray

Tikku Sircar

Lamar Williams

Hair & MUA:

Joe Espinoza

Kimi Lundy Liope


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