Cently + David

This wedding started the year off so right. SO RIGHT.

Cently and David’s love story began many years ago, as Cently recounts…

“David and I met when I was fourteen and he was a handsome, older surfer boy. David was the younger brother of my church mentor and unofficial big brother growing up, Paul. When my teen eyes fell on David I instantly thought “Who’s that?! He’s so cute!” Throughout all of high school, I wrote “Cently Bresenden” on my binders and notebooks, I teased Paul that I was going to marry his little brother. I scribbled “I love David Bresenden” on all my notes to my best friends. Years went by and although we would only run into each other here or there, he always made my heart skip a beat. He was and is my life long crush. I hadn’t seen David since 2009 at Paul’s wedding, but often thought about him. So when I was in town for a ten day visit before returning to Paris and he asked me to meet up for a beer, I was excited! That night changed everything. I was much more grown up, mature, and confident then when he last saw me but our familiarity and humor made us comfortable together.”

After that night David realized he wanted to pursue a relationship with Cently.

He says, “I was sitting across from her thinking, “She is everything I want in a woman and has always been right in front of me.” Cently didn’t get on the plane back to Paris, she stayed in California to love and marry her soul mate, the love of her life.

Their wedding was a huge joint effort and collaboration. Friends and family arranged flowers, hung lights, painted chalkboards and transformed the back yard to reflected the couple’s personality and charm. They also had catering by In-n-Out and made delicious churros made on-site! I was thrilled to be chosen to capture all the sweet cheerful moments. Special thanks to my photo assistant, Natalie Sanchez.

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