April + Liam

When I met April and Liam at Le Pain Quotidien earlier this year, I knew instantly they were my kind of people. Their charm, class and style is extraordinary! Liam is originally from England and whisked his beautiful California girl to London to pop the question. Their wedding celebration took place exactly a year to the date later. The day began at The Crescent Hotel where the couple got ready. We then walked over to The Beverly Hills courthouse for their intimate wedding ceremony, followed by a traditional English High Tea at The Peninsula Hotel. How I love scones and lemon custard! The evening wrapped up at Barney’s New York Restaurant for a night of dancing under the stars. Can I just mention how much I enjoyed the music? It was was spun all night by non other than the talented Marion Hodges of 89.9 KCRW. I am elated that April and Liam chose me to document their wedding, get to know them and their beautiful British and Mexican/American families. Now I get to share their story! Grab some popcorn, or maybe a box of tissues. This wedding is simply smashing!

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