Andrea + Austin

Andrea was vacationing in Los Angeles when she and Austin locked eyes on Rodeo Drive. You can say it was love at first sight, as Austin did not waste any time to pursue his dream girl. When Andrea returned home to Spain, Austin hopped on a flight, met her family and the rest  is history. Their love is a magnetic. You can see it in their eyes. I was fortunate enough to document their wedding day and get to know their friends and family.

Many unique touches made their celebration at The Sunset Marquis Hotel one of a kind. For starters, Andrea’s mom baked the wedding cake and brought it with her all the way from Spain! The floral arrangements and decor were also designed by Andrea and her mom. Close friend and magician John, entertained their guests with an awesome magic show and wowed us all! Finally, the after party at No Vacancy ended the night in high spirits! On to the images!

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